CSGO Alpha Testing Tournament 6

Prize Pool
BMB 10.00
Tournament Ended

How it works

• First make sure you’ve provided the relevant gaming username (Epic Games, Activision etc) for your profile. For team based competitions, you will also be required to have a Host Captain (randomly selected) and a minimum number of players.  

• To start playing, pick the tournament you want to join 

• Remember to check your opponent’s ranking to see if they’re a good fit. We believe it’s all about fair matchups.

• Make sure you are signed in and have enough bomb coins to join your tournament of choice 

• Join a team or create one of your own 

• If you are a Host Captain, please read instructions below

• If you are simply a team member, accept invitation and pay the tournament fee

• Once we confirm your team’s tournament entry, you’ll receive a pop up with all the summary information

• Make sure that you are ready 30 minutes before the start time

• 15 minutes before game time.

• All players must have started the match by the match start time 

• If the match has not begun by the start time, the match will be forfeited

• Once your new matchup has been decided, there's an automatic 30 minute wait time for both teams until your next match restarts. It will appear on your match tab 

• For more info on the rules, check our Banger Games Rules tab

• We recommend that players stream their matches to provide evidence just in case there’s a dispute. At the very least, captains must provide photographic evidence of gameplay and results in order for the dispute to even be considered. 

• Please be respectful of your host and other participants. If any malicious behaviour is reported, you will be removed from the tournament.

Winners, Rewards & Disputes

• After the match has played out, the winner will move through to the next round, and losers will be automatically removed. There will be a waiting period of 30 minutes after each match in a tournament round have concluded. 

• Final match results will be automatically extracted from the game and updated instantly on the matches and bracket tab.

• Rewards will always be available in Bombs, which you can then cash out in your currency of choice 

• When playing bracket style tournaments, after each round, losers will finish in the same positions. (losers of a semifinal round for example). All the positions up for debate, will be decided on who has gained more overall points, kills, and assists during the tournament.. 

• For all tournaments except for CSGO, when uploading evidence a section will be provided to input the amount of kills and deaths to resolve ties. On this pop up there will also be a hyperlink explaining how to upload and find this evidence

• If by any chance teams finish with the same overall tournament points, the winner will be randomly selected.

• Once the winner is confirmed, you will either move on to the next round or have the dashboard of results available.

• Once the tournament comes to an end your results and significant rewards will show up on the leaderboard tab, your XP will be distributed, Bombs will be up for collection and your record will be updated.

• A pop up will appear showing points earned from each category, current rank, and the remaining points until the next rank 

• After you level up you will see your rewards and your rank symbol will be explained. 

• To further understand how the rank systems work, their meaning, and the compensations you can obtain in each one, please click here (link towards rank system site) 

Eligibility & Requirements

• You must be at least 13 years of age to sign up

• All players must pay the fee to confirm entrance 

• All players on your team must join the tournament in order to be eligible and selected by host captains

• If participants don't show up before start time, the match will start with less players or one of the team will be eliminated

Lag & Disconnections

 • Banger Games is not responsible for any loss of connection or lagging generating late inscriptions, sign outs 

 • Region Limitations 

 • Please be aware of the potential lagging issues when signing up to an intern•nal tournament 

 • We are not liable for any connectivity issues due to international or national sign in tournaments

Hacking & Penalties

• Hacking or cheating will generate a warning in form of a ban from the platform

• If you're caught falsifying evidence or you lose a dispute you will be given a warning. 

• 1 warning will result in a 1 week ban from the platform 

• 2 warnings will result in a 1 month ban from the platform

• 3 warnings will conclude in a lifetime ban from the platform

Conduct & Behaviour

• Unless stated otherwise, offenses and infringements of these Rules are punishable, whether or not committed intentionally. Attempts to infringe such rules or commit such offenses are also punishable. 

• Collusion: Collusion, understood as cooperating or conspiring to cheat or deceive others, whether occurs among Players, Teams, and/or organizations, is punishable. 

• Not adhering to the rule standards of each game

• Pre-arranging to split prize money and/or any other form of compensation.

• Sending or receiving signals, electronic or otherwise, from a confederate to/from a Player. 

• Intentionally losing a Game for compensation, or for any other motive. 

CSGO Competitive Game Mode Rules

• 2 Teams of 5 compete for 30 rounds in Bomb Defusal modes

• Bomb Defusal: The Terrorists must plant the bomb and protect it during a 40-second countdown or eliminate the Counter-Terrorists to Win. The Counter-Terrorists must defuse the bomb to win.

• Round Time: 1 minute and 55 Seconds

• Matches last 30 rounds, first team to win 16 rounds wins

• Teams play on one side for 15 rounds, and at halftime, they switch sides

• Players can buy weapons, armor, and other items in-game with CS:GO’s virtual currency to gain an advantage over the other team.

• Starting side will be chosen by a knife round.

• In case of a tie after regulation rounds end (15-15), 6extra rounds will be played. 3 rounds as Terrorists and 3 rounds as Counter- Terrorists. First team to win 4 rounds wins the map.

• Only Valve official CSGO maps will be available.

• The host team will have the capacity to ban one map, after which the away team will have the possibility to ban another. At this point the host team will make the map selection 

• We will inform you through personalized messages when new maps are incorporated

• Stoppages: There are three different type of pauses you can call

• Technical Stoppage: When a player encounters any given problem that prevents him from playing, he is allowed to use the pause function. This can be called by typing “.tech” or “.technical”. PLayer must announce why he has called the pause immediately after. Headsets must stay on during this pause.

• Timeout: Each team can call one time out (tactical stoppage) of up to 30 seconds, four times per map. All four timeouts are allowed to be taken at once. 

• Host Pause: The Host can pause the game when required. If for any reason the player pausing does not work, they will have to request de host to do so.